Cuff Connectors

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BP Fitting, M Locking, 1/8 Tube..
Plastic male bayonet connector for use with Hewlett Packard and Siemens monitors (pack of 10)..
Plastic male luer slip connector (neonatal use) for 3/32 ID tubing (pack of 10)..
BP Fitting, F Locking..
BP Fitting, Screw Type 1/8 Tube..
BP Fitting, Metal Screw Type 1/8 Tube..
Plastic male locking adapter 4 mm (pack of 10)..
Plastic male screw type connector with female luer slip inside with barbed end (pack of 10)..
BP Fitting, F Bayonet, 1/8 Tube..
BP Fitting, M Luer Slip 5/32 Tube..
Metal Male Bayonet connector for use with HP/Philips, Siemens, Spacelabs, Criticare, IVAC and Datasc..
Plastic male leur lock connector with barbed end (pack of 10)..
BP Y-Tube,No Fittings 1/8 Tube..
BP Fitting, 5/32-5/32 Double Tube..
Plastic locking connector for use with Marquette one tube systems.(pack of 10)..
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