Monitoring Cuffs

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BP Port Fitting,2-Tube,Locking (10)..
Adapter, DS44 with Econo Bulb..
BP Port Fitting,1Tube,Tri-Purp (10)..
BP Port Fitting 2Tube,EconClmp (10)..
BP Port Fitting,1-Tube,Screw (10)..
BP Port Fitting,2-Tube,Lg Bulb (10)..
Cap, FlexiPort BP Cuff..
BP Port Fitting,2Tube,Tri-Purp (10)..
FlexiPort Tubing, 8", 10/Pk..
BP Port Fitting, 1-Tb, Lg Euro (10)..
Adapter, SRC with Large Bulb..
BP Port Fitting, 1Tube,Locking (10)..
BP Port Fitting,2-Tb,Lg Blb&Cl (10)..
BP Port Fitting, 2 Tb,M/F Lock (10)..
FlexiPort Tubing, 13", 10/Pk..
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