Vital Signs Devices

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Blood pressure hose (5 ft/1.5M)..
Calibration "T" connector..
Braun unlocking key..
Disposable probe covers (800 covers, packaged 20/box) for Europe, Middle East, and Africa..
9600 Plus calibration tester..
Braun Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer (without rechargeable batteries) for Europe, Middle East, and Africa..
Braun Pro 4000 Rechargeable Battery Pack..
Neonatal Blood pressure hose (10 ft)..
4600g 2D Barcode Scanner w/ Authorization Code..
9 cell lithium ion battery, single pack..
Braun Pro 4000 Dock with Pro 4000 Thermometer..
HS1-M 2D Barcode Scanner w/Authorization Code..
Carrying case, hard sided, VSM 6000..
Braun Pro 4000 Dock..
Wireless radio kit -- Internal 802.11 a/b/g..
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