Audiology instruments

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Box of Recording Forms - 10 packs/Box; 100 forms/pack..
Set of 3 AudioSpecs (Small, Medium and Large)..
AudioScope 3, Set of AudioSpecs, Charging Stand, Charging Transformer and Recording Forms..
Halogen Replacement Lamp for AudioScope 3..
Small AudioSpec Speculum..
AudioScope 3 Handle Only with Set of AudioSpecs..
Medium AudioSpec Speculum..
Charging Stand only for AudioScope 3..
Large AudioSpec Speculum..
Charging Transformer only..
3.5v. Rechargeable NiCad Battery for AudioScope..
Soft Carrying Case for AudioScope 3 Handle..
Digital MacroView Head, Cable, set of 4 specula..
Replacement 10 ft USB cable..
Hose Assembly (Tubing and Fittings)..
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