Audiology instruments

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Charging Transformer only..
3.5v. Rechargeable NiCad Battery for AudioScope..
Soft Carrying Case for AudioScope 3 Handle..
Box of Recording Forms - 10 packs/Box; 100 forms/pack..
Set of 3 AudioSpecs (Small, Medium and Large)..
AudioScope 3, Set of AudioSpecs, Charging Stand, Charging Transformer and Recording Forms..
Halogen Replacement Lamp for AudioScope 3..
Small AudioSpec Speculum..
AudioScope 3 Handle Only with Set of AudioSpecs..
Medium AudioSpec Speculum..
Charging Stand only for AudioScope 3..
Large AudioSpec Speculum..
Digital MacroView Head, Cable, set of 4 specula..
Replacement 10 ft USB cable..
Ear Wash System "PLUS" Complete..
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