Ophthalmic instruments

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Voltage Adaptor..
Portable BIO Carrying Case..
As for 12500 but with Diffuser Filter and Yellow Filter in place of normal Cobalt Blue Filter..
Replacement Lamp for BIO..
Teaching Mirror for BIO..
Portable Rechargeable Power Source for BIO..
Extension Cord and Connector for BIO..
Scleral Depressor for BIO..
Charging Transformer Only for Wall/Desk or Portable Power Source..
BIO Optical Portion, Headband and 8ft.(2.7m) low voltage cord..
Fundus Charts (25 sheets) and pencils for BIO..
Rechargeable Battery Pack for BIO..
As for 12500 but with Diffuser Filter..
Complete Wall/Desk BIO Set of Nos. 12500-D and 74352..
BIO Carrying Case- holds BIO and both power sources..
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