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2.5v. PocketScope Handle with AA Batteries..
2.5v. Standard PocketScope Handle - No Batteries..
2.8v C-Cell Battery Handle..
Handle Section only for No. 71902..
Charging Stand and Transformer only for No. 71902..
Charging Transformer only for No. 71902 and 71062-C..
Replacement Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery..
Simba Solid State Rheostat Assembly..
Rechargeable 3.5v Lithium Ion Handle complete with charging stand and Transformer..
Rechargeable Convertible 3.5v. NiCad Handle complete with Charging Transformer and Converter..
Convertible Handle only with Converter..
Replacement Converter..
Replacement Handle Bottom Section for No. 71020-C..
Replacement NiCad Rechargeable Battery for No. 71062-C..
Battery Converter for 220-250v Handle..
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